How do I become a NP?
We look forward to meeting and working with you. At the top of our Home Page, hover over the Patients link, and then click New Patient Forms. A page will appear with the words “Click Here to Download” in blue. Click on this link and print out the forms. Fill out this information completely and mail or fax it back to us – We DO need the original signatures on the forms. We will review your forms and contact you to make an appointment. It is important that you fill these forms out as thoroughly as possible. The forms help us get to know you and your health history, and lay the groundwork for us to understand your current health situation. While we strive to make every effort to get you in to our clinic as soon as possible, there is usually a 1-2 week wait to become a patient at our clinic. Please feel free to call at any time to find out where on that list you are positioned. As soon as we have an opening for you we will give you a call to try and schedule.

I understand my 2 visits are extremely important. How long will these visits take?
The times for these visits are between 75-90 for the first visit and 60-75 minutes for the second visit.

What will happen on these 2 visits?
Since each patient is an individual, each first appointment is tailored to his or her needs. The time and investment for this visit varies according to those needs. Because of our commitment to your overall health and well-being, as well as our desire to provide you with the best, most comprehensive information possible, we do not adjust the atlas on the first day. Everything that we do at your first visit will be diagnostic in nature. This means we will be doing a thorough exam and taking the necessary x-rays in order to accurately diagnose your current situation. If you’ve had x-rays within the past two years, we encourage you to bring them with you. In most cases we will still need updated specialized atlas x-rays, and other records taken on the day of your appointment, though bringing previous records has advantages. If you are addressing any medical issues with another health practitioner, we appreciate you sending or bringing copies of any medical records, tests and medication history that may pertain to your situation. At the beginning of your first visit, one of our associates will meet with you and start getting to know you as an individual – not just your current health concerns, but also your needs and goals. We will conduct all appropriate exams and diagnostic tests to determine your current spinal health status. Once the exams and x-rays are complete, we will setup a Report of Findings appointment to review with you our findings and recommendations.

How much are these first 2 visits?
Because each patient is unique, we cannot give an exact cost for these 2 visits. However, the range for the first visit will be $350-$419, the second visit will from $200-$288.

How long will it take to complete my treatment plan?
This question can be more accurately answered after all needed records are completed and analyzed. An even better estimate of needed time can be given after the first phase of treatment is completed, and patient progress and cooperation can be determined. Patient cooperation is a critical component in determining total treatment time. High levels of cooperation will not only reduce treatment time, and (therefore) the cost of treatment, but will also increase the level of success we can achieve!

How much will my total treatment plan cost?
We can answer this question after all needed records are completed and analyzed. We give new patients a cost estimate at their Report of Findings visit on Day 2.

Do you accept insurance?
Yes….and No. We give you all the necessary paperwork for you to send in to your insurance. We are not, however, an “in-network” provider for any insurance company. Payment in full is expected at the time of service, and your insurance company will reimburse you. Do remember, though, that your benefits contract is between you, your insurance provider and, as applicable, your employer. We cannot guarantee that your insurance provider will pay for any given treatment. We do submit Medicare claims on behalf of our patients but payment in full is expected at the time of service, and Medicare will reimburse you. When you visit our office, please make sure that we have all the necessary information to submit to Medicare, including current ID cards.

I don’t have insurance. Do you accept payments?
Payment is expected in full at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. In unique cases we do establish payment plans. Please ask to speak with our finance director to discuss this matter.

When should my child get checked for an atlas misalignment?
According to recent scientific research performed by a group of medical doctors; during “normal” vaginal deliveries, up to 100 pounds of twisting force can be placed on an infant’s neck causing subluxation. Supporting studies showed that 80% of infants were found to have vertebral misalignment (subluxation) of the upper neck causing interference to neurological function. Birth interventions including forceps extraction, vacuum extraction and cesarean section drastically increase the probability and severity of birth trauma and subluxation. In conclusion, they recommended “all newborns should have their spines checked by chiropractors.” The ICPA recommends that children should have their spine and nervous system checked by a chiropractor as soon as possible after birth and with each major milestone. The point at which a child should begin routine/regular visits varies with the maturity of the child. However, if you suspect your child has a problem, a chiropractic visit is important no matter what the age. We believe that all children should have at least a basic evaluation done no later than six years old and as early as a few hours old.

What information should I bring from my previous chiropractor?
If you’ve had x-rays within the past two years, you are welcome to bring them with you. In most cases we will need to take specific cervical digital x-rays, as well as a complete history and chiropractic on the day of your first visit.

So what do I do next?
At the top of our home page, hover over the tab that says “Patients”, then click on the tab over to the right of this that says “New Patient Paperwork.” The first blue tab will allow you to complete your paperwork online and once finished, will be sent to our clinic for review. Prefer not to fill out the paperwork online? No problem. Click on the blue “Click here to download” button and print and fill this paperwork out completely. This information will need to reviewed prior to your first visit so we will need you to fax or mail this paperwork before your appointment. If you still have questions, please feel free to call the clinic at 320-202-8527.

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